Small Beginnings

HYEHOST began its journey several years ago as a modest sole trader operation, passionately dedicated to offering tailored website solutions to local businesses, complemented by our specialized data centre remote hands service. Our roots were deeply embedded in the principle of providing personalized support, a value that distinguished us in the early days. As time passed, the demand for our unique blend of services and the personalized approach we took with each client led to substantial growth. Recognizing the potential to serve a broader market and the need to scale our operations, we recently made the strategic decision to formalize our business structure. Today, HYEHOST stands as a significantly larger entity, yet our commitment to delivering personalized support remains unwavering. This transition from a sole trader to a thriving business reflects our adaptability, dedication to our clients, and the enduring vision that personal touch in technology services creates lasting partnerships and success.


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Our Team

Beth P

CEO, while she does not have much input with day to day operations any more she still holds a key role in our sales and expansion.

Aaran P

CTO, Aaran is the main face behind day-to-day operations, he is responsible for keeping the infrastructure up and running along with all network duties.