Linux-based secured & isolated operating system


All staff are UK based however work all hours to make sure your support needs are met


Our web hosting is based on our UK cloud, which is hosted on all enterprise hardware


All emails are sent using a combination of Mailchannels and Mailbaby


Easily install and manage many scripts from the control panel


Widley, known for reliability, we use Plesk which gives an easy panel to control your hosting.

Shared 1G UK


  • 1GB Pure NVMe SSD
  • 5 Addon Domians
  • UNLIMITED bandwidth
  • UNLIMITED databases
  • UNLIMITED Email Accounts
  • FREE SSL Certificates
  • Apache & nGinx
  • IPv4 & IPv6

Shared 20G UK


  • 20GB Pure NVMe SSD
  • 50 Addon Domians
  • UNLIMITED bandwidth
  • UNLIMITED databases
  • UNLIMITED Email Accounts
  • FREE SSL Certificates
  • Apache & nGinx
  • IPv4 & IPv6


With our hosting packages they all come with unlimited bandwidth, databases, email accounts plus more, we limit your account to how many domains and space you can use. You may ask but how? well the answer to that is there is no theoretical limit to how many we get in software so why should we limit you.

Shared website hosting is a service where multiple websites reside on a single web server connected to the Internet. This is the most cost-effective hosting option as the overall cost of server maintenance is spread over many customers. By sharing resources, such as disk space, CPU, and memory, users can have a place on the Internet for their website at a lower cost compared to dedicated hosting. Each client has a section of the server where their website files are stored, allowing their websites to be viewed online. We manage the servers, including system upgrades and security, making it an ideal solution for small businesses and personal websites that don't require the extensive resources and custom configurations of a dedicated server.

MailBaby/Mailchannels are an email smart host that offers outbound filtering. Emails are sent to MailBaby or Mailchannels systems, and are analyzed for content. Email is then routed through an email zone based on the email content, and score of the email, or bounced as spam. IP reputation is handled by MailBaby/Mailchannels. They both monitor all their IPs for blacklists, and works with email providers through feedback loops and other abuse monitoring to ensure email delivery.

Inside the Plesk control panel, you can select from many different versions of PHP as follows:

  • 8.3.2
  • 8.2.15
  • 8.1.27
  • 7.4.33(Outdated)

Our web servers are installed with many of the most commonly used softwares, below is a list however if you do not see something you are specifically looking for you can open a ticket:

  • Git
  • NodeJS
  • SiteBuilder (SiteJet)
  • WAF
  • ImunifyAV
  • Speed Kit
  • PHP Composer
  • Softaculous
  • Apache & nGinx
  • Laravel
  • SEO Toolkit
  • Wordpress Toolkit